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Danny in the Days Ahead?

By August 17, 2015February 3rd, 2020No Comments

What? Could it be? We have a real-live, honest to goodness Invest in the Atlantic!  96L appeared yesterday in the Cape Verde region and the National Hurricane Center has given a 70% chance of development over the next five days.  While it may seem like there has been a lack of Atlantic basin activity, historically the fourth named storm appears around August 23. So it seems we are right on schedule.

Some of the most powerful Atlantic storms have originated from the Cape Verde region with activity peaking there from about August 20 – September 20. In fact, a number of steadily strengthening waves have been rolling off the coast of Africa into the eastern Atlantic as of late. Of course perhaps the biggest detriment to hurricane formation this year has been the presence of a strong El Nino which effectively destroys most waves as they near the western Atlantic. If 96 happens to encounter a weaker El Nino, things could get interesting!

96 has a long journey ahead and if the system can stay intact, it should reach the Lesser Antilles in the next week or so… Stay Tuned!




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