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Pineapple Express Derails the West Coast

By December 12, 2014February 3rd, 2020No Comments

Pineapple Express is the somewhat innocent sounding nickname for the stream of tropical moisture feeding a super nasty storm that has pounded the entire West Coast over the last few days. High winds in the San Francisco Bay Area blew out power for over 150,000 residents yesterday, while hurricane force winds in Oregon and Washington left at least 100,000 without power as well. On top of that, heavy rains capable of producing flooding and landslides are expected throughout the entire region. Flash flood warnings are in place from San Fran to LA, but the rain is expected to lighten today as this system gets a push to the south and then east thanks to a dip in the Pacific Jet Stream.


The Express, which is an “atmospheric river,” hails from Hawaii and is seen occasionally this time of year. Learn more about the Pineapple Express meteorlogical phenomenon here

Stay safe out there West Coasters!

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