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Storm Season is Heating Up!

By June 6, 2014February 3rd, 2020No Comments

What a week! Where to start? How about the destructive Derechos that have destroyed everything in their path over the last few days? The Midwest got the smack-down starting on Tuesday and moving into Wednesday. Then the Ohio River Valley got a beating Wednesday and Thursday…. But wait, there’s more! Several of us from  home office were awakened by the sounds of hail pelting our roofs around midnight last night; courtesy of a Derecho that began in Colorado and traveled 1,000 miles across the Midwest and into the South over a 15 hour timespan yesterday.

Heavy losses are being reported across the country after a riotous week of T-Storms, hail, high winds, Derechos, tornadoes, heavy rains and flooding. Several deaths have been reported as well. Unfortunately, there is more of the same expected this weekend for the central and southern Plains and the Southeast.

Oh yeah, and did we mention we have the first Invest of the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane season? Ok, we just did 😉 Located in the Bay of Campeche, Invest 90 is bringing heavy rains to Southeast Mexico. Little development is likely, but mudslides and flash flooding are possible.

90L- 6-6-2014

Hang on kiddies- things are starting to get wild!

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