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Danny, Kilo and More Waves

By August 21, 2015February 3rd, 2020No Comments

Nope, that’s not the latest boy band…. Rather it’s a nasty trio that is making waves (pun intended) in the Pacific AND Atlantic.

Hurricane Danny, which has beaten the El Nino odds, rapidly developed into a category 3 hurricane with top winds clocked at 115 mph. Danny is expected to continue to move on a west-northwest track bringing the storm near Puerto Rico by Tuesday and Hispaniola on Wednesday.  Where Danny tracks at that time could ultimately determine its fate. The mountainous terrain of the islands is notorious for disrupting/destroying the storms that pass over them. This could be especially detrimental for Danny, which is a bit on the small side size-wise as far as hurricanes go. If Danny can move a bit north to miss the islands, there is a good chance the system will remain intact and move into a favorable environment for possible re-strengthening.

Meanwhile in the Pacific… Tropical storm Kilo is gaining strength and could be a category 2 hurricane by early next week. The forecast models bring Kilo near Kauai Monday and the other Islands Tuesday and Wednesday.  Kilo could pose the greatest threat to Hawaii since hurricane Iniki in 1992.

As if that was not enough, more waves keep rolling off the west coast of Africa- any one of which has the potential for additional development.  After a slow start to hurricane season Mother Nature seems to be making up for lost time!















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