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Department Spotlight- Claims Operations!

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Our Commercial Claims Department is Growing!

“Our Work Is the Presentation of Our Capabilities”
– Edward Gibbon, 17th Century Historian

Can you think of a better quote that expresses the “essentials for success” in our industry?

It never ceases to amaze us that our industry spends so much time and money teaching what the industry refers to as the “Minimum Standards” or “Minimum Handling Guidelines.” Is it any wonder that our industry faces such a daunting task of rearing highly qualified, professional adjusters capable of producing a product that not only meets client needs, but exceeds them, when the industry spends so much time and effort teaching “just” the minimum standards?

We at Eberl Claims Service also have a set of standards, but we can assure you, they are anything but “Minimum.” At Eberl, we realize the importance of being able to provide our valued clients with adjusters possessing a wide range of skill sets. This is particularly true in the area of commercial claims handling.

Our past success in this area has led to a significant increase in the volume of commercial claims from all of our present clients, including flood carriers.

As with any successful enterprise, success at one level serves to provide us with opportunities for even more growth and more success. We are excited to announce that we are nearing completion of contract negotiations with CNA, the 6th largest writer of commercial insurance policies in the United States, and fully expect to be handling their claims in the near future. In addition, we have been invited by two other large carriers to explore the opportunities of handling their commercial claims as well.

As such, we are actively seeking commercial adjusters who possess a sincere desire of working with a team of some of the most highly qualified adjusters in the nation. The qualifications needed are:

Commercial Adjusters – The successful candidates will have a minimum of 5-10 years of experience in the handling of commercial claims.
General Adjusters – Successful candidates will possess a minimum 10-15 years of experience in the handling of larger commercial claims in excess of $1,000,000.
Executive General Adjusters – Successful candidates will have a minimum of 15-20 years of experience in the handling of large and complex commercial claims well in excess of $5,000,000. It is imperative that they have superior verbal and written communication skills, and must be highly organized and capable of planning, coordinating and overseeing a team or teams of commercial adjusters and general adjusters.

In addition, we are also seeking:

Commercial File Reviewers – These individuals will be responsible for Quality Assurance file review of commercial claims handled by the various adjusters within our commercial claims department. Past experience in the area of file review is critical, and past experience in the review of commercial claims would be very advantageous.

Please note, that the position of File Reviewer is not a clerical function, but requires an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of both our client requirements as well as our internal company requirements. Because of this, these positions are also an excellent opportunity for experienced adjusters who may be between storms or simply taking a little time off to be at home with their families.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide our clients with a product that not only meets their standards, but exceeds them, and, more importantly, sets the industry standard in doing so. In order to achieve this goal, we need individuals such as yourself, and we hope that you will become a member of our Commercial Claims Department Team.

If you meet the qualifications above and are interested in handling commercial claims for Eberl, please submit an application via our website here: 
Be sure to reference your interest in our Commercial Claims Department in the “Other” field on the application.

If you are already on our roster and are interested in joining the Commercial Team, please contact one of the individuals below for more information.

• Mr. Rob Petrovics- Director, Claims Operations – (303) 988-6286
• Mr. Tommy Bunn, Jr.- Claims Operation Coordinator – (210) 833-2412
• Ms. Laura King- Operational Team Manager – (806) 679-7159
• Mr. Bart D. Scott, EGA- Commercial Team Manager – (512) 983-7260

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