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Resource Management . . . Who Are We & What Do We Do? Department Spotlight!

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Who We Are

We are excited to introduce you to our team!

  • Dispatchers – Cathy Barela, Amy Bermea, Bonnie Melvin, Tara Peterson, Crystalyn Soucie, and Sabrina Turner
  • Deployment Management – Rhonda Haifley
  • Compliance & Licensing Manager – Carole Petrovics
  • Administrative – Kaylene Bowler and Janie White


What We Do

Our adjusters and managers are an integral part of our team. We are here to support our adjusters by maintaining their profiles, sharing the latest industry information, offering cutting edge training, and most importantly- getting our adjusters to work at every possible opportunity! Many things go into filling assignments for each of our clients. A few of the many aspects that must be considered on any given request are; adjuster availability, location of assignment, licensing requirements, client certification, type of claims experience, as well as performance and evaluations on previous assignments. All of these factors make it very important that our adjusters continue to maintain regular contact with our Resource Management personnel to keep us up to date. Below are just a few critical items that we need your help with to ensure you are being considered for all assignments that you may be qualified and eligible for, as well as, a successful assignment once deployed!

Spring Storms are COMING – BE PREPARED

1. Make sure your availability is up to date ~ You can do this by calling any dispatcher, emailing any dispatcher, or updating your profile at We cannot consider you unless we know that you are available.

2. Keep in touch with dispatchers ~ Let the dispatchers know about your most recent work experience, work site preferences, etc. This helps determine what type of assignments are the best fit for you and helps ensure a successful deployment.

3. Keep your profile up to date – send us those new certifications and licenses ~ You paid for them, make sure we know about them!!

4. Dust off your gear, make sure it is in working order ~ ladder, tape measure, pitch gauge, properly maintained vehicle, …etc.

5. Licenses, Licenses, Licenses ~ There are currently 34 states that have licensing requirements. Consideration for assignments begins with licensing. The greater number of active licenses held, the greater opportunity of deployment. If they are coming due to expire, make sure to renew soon – Do Not wait until the last minute! Letting a license lapse could result in being released from your assignment, it could potentially affect future deployment opportunities, and not to mention that it could cost you a small fortune to get that license back. We send reminder emails, but it is ultimately your responsibility to maintain your licenses. Keep up on your CE Credits.

6. Compliance Items ~ Please respond to all compliance requests in a timely manner to ensure a seamless assignment. Failure to meet and maintain the compliance and licensing criteria may result in early release from an assignment, eligibility for future assignments and even penalties assessed from state regulatory agencies.

It was great seeing all of you at our recent conference in San Antonio! Thanks to all who attended. From the charity event and the great classes to the reception and rodeo- a Texas sized good time was had by all.

Hail season is just around the corner and after two slow years, we are ready for a busy one…. We hope to be calling you soon!

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