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Eberl’s Iron Fist in the Face of COVID19

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind; its effect on daily life is increasing by the day as the globe struggles to cope with the adjustments necessary for combatting its spread.

Organizations around the world are strategizing how to react to this threat in the best interests of both employees and the company itself. Businesses have been forced to examine their composition and make the determination of whether they’re prepared for changes to corporate processes in the wake of this phenomenon.

Although this pandemic continues to take a drastic toll on humankind, other problems within society are beginning to raise iron fists. Individually, the insurance industry can’t afford to falter while there are still people in need beyond the realm of the virus. We are all being challenged to rise to the occasion and formulate contingency plans of action during this global pandemic.

Thankfully, Eberl has been working behind the scenes on innovations that enable us to live up to our core mission during these uncertain times.

“To be there when you need us.”

Throughout the years, Eberl has made significant strides towards building a tactical and resilient infrastructure that stands firm in the face of unique challenges such as the coronavirus. From our internal operations to our extensive network of adjusters spanning the nation, we’re fully prepared to modify our day-to-day procedures to work in harmony with health officials’ ongoing recommendations, without lessening our capacity for efficiency.

Below are some of the stand-out capabilities that Eberl has to offer our partners during this time of need.

Eberl’s Home Office Support

Our corporate offices are technologically equipped for every employee to work remotely through the utilization of:

  • Video conferencing and full-featured chat resources
  • Personal laptops furnished with an expansive suite of tools
  • Advanced server networks and 24/7 tech support

Our robust home office support continues to operate at full capacity while doing our part to combat the spread of the virus.

Tech-Enabled Deployment Map

Beyond our brick and mortar locations, the continuous innovation of our tech-enabled deployment map allows us to easily connect adjusters with claims that are located within a short distance of where they live. Eberl’s ability to leverage this in our operations has aided enormously in lowering adjusters’ need to travel. Long before this virus ensued, we furnished a network of skilled individuals and teams to respond to the full spectrum of insurance concerns, from daily to major catastrophic events.

Supplemental Field Adjusters 

In the event that a partner is restricting their staff from fieldwork, we have a robust team of Field Adjusters ready to step-in to help supplement this need. Our Adjusters are well-versed in the sensitive nature of this ever-changing event and are equipped with the awareness needed to get the job done while ensuring the comfort and safety of an on-site inspection. 

Desk or Virtual (work from home) Adjusters 

Additional resources have been engaged, such as Desk and Virtual Adjusters, to further assist with any supplementary staff shortages partners may be experiencing. 

Centralized Claims Process – Powered by ClaimXperience 

For those practicing extra precautions, such as not allowing on-site inspections or close contact with the inspector, we offer a centralized claims-handling process to minimize personal contact. Powered by ClaimXperience, we can service claims remotely while still involving policyholders every step of the way.

One thing is certain; the weather has no regard for the effects of COVID-19 and will continue on its regular course of action.

It’s our duty to uphold the responsibility we have to act as a strong support system, even in the wake of this widespread health concern. Our goal for our partners and their policyholders is to feel a heightened sense of security in their choice to depend on us for their claims-handling needs.

We have built a robust and amenable organization that is primed to persevere through the toughest of times. Rest assured, we’re fully prepared to uphold our promise to be there when you need us.

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