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Joaquin Goes Major

By October 1, 2015February 3rd, 2020No Comments

Just when we thought hurricane season was all but over, here comes Joaquin which has bloomed into a fierce category 3 storm currently bashing the Bahamas. But wait, it gets worse! With low wind shear and warm sea surface temperatures, the National Hurricane Center is predicting Joaquin to reach category 4 status by tomorrow.

There is still some uncertainty regarding the final path of Joaquin, with several models pulling the storm away from the east coast and a few hanging on to a U.S.  landfall. We shall have to wait and see who triumphs in the Battle of the Ensemble Models…

Even though the storm track is uncertain, the entire U.S. east coast could feel the effects of this system in the coming days. In fact, many areas are already experiencing localized flooding, some are under a hurricane watch and evacuations have begun in certain areas.

Stay Tuned!




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