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Peak of Hurricane Season!

By August 17, 2018February 3rd, 2020No Comments

We are coming into the peak of hurricane season and there are active two systems! One is hurricane Lane, which continues to strengthen and is expected to reach major hurricane status soon. Current tracking models keep Lane well away from the Hawaiian Islands. The other system is 99L, which is brewing roughly 500 miles to the east-southeast of the Windward Islands. Current forecasts anticipate strong wind shear will cause 99L to dissipate eventually.

Historically speaking, the five most intense U.S. mainland hurricanes have all made landfall between August 17th and September 2nd. That means we are coming into a potentially active period of tropical storm development. We will be watching the Atlantic closely in the coming weeks!

These are the latest hurricane landfall probabilities from the CSU Tropical Meteorology forecast project team;

  • 35 percent for the entire U.S. coastline
  • 20 percent for the U.S. East Coast including the Florida peninsula
  • 19 percent for the Gulf Coast from the Florida panhandle westward to Brownsville



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