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TD-2- not much new

By July 22, 2014February 3rd, 2020No Comments

Tropical Depression 2 is still plodding along a westward path towards the Caribbean, but has made little change in size or intensity. This little depression will encounter considerable wind-shear in the short term and may even break apart and deteriorate into a wave. The official NHC forecast supports this theory as they predict the system will dissipate completely within the next 48 – 60 hours.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the Atlantic… ┬áThere are two Tropical Waves in the far eastern Tropical Atlantic that are heavy with the moist air that tropical storms and hurricanes thrive on (vs. the dry Saharan air, which can be a ‘cane killer). AND there are several strong looking Tropical waves upstream over Africa that should reach the Atlantic by the end of this week or beginning of next, with at least one having good potential for development.

Things are starting to stir out there!

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