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Standing By…

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99 is looking more organized than it has thus far and we can reasonably expect to see the formation of tropical storm Hermine sometime tomorrow. By Sunday the system will reach Southern Florida and that’s when things get interesting…

Given the threat this system  poses to a large swath of the Gulf Coast as well as Southern Florida and even the Carolina’s WE ARE NOW PUTTING ADJUSTERS ON STANDBY. If you are on our roster, please check in with your dispatcher or log-in to our website and complete the status update form with your current availability. If you are not on our roster, you can complete our application here-

One of the more reliable forecasts goes like this; 99 makes landfall across Southern Florida and the Keys on Sunday as a tropical storm or category 1 hurricane. After that it will move into the Gulf, head north  and make a second landfall somewhere between the Florida Panhandle and Louisiana on Tuesday or Wednesday. If the system can spend any prolonged period of time over the warm the second landfall could certainly be at hurricane strength. While there are still a lot of possibilities, they all point to a U.S. landfall (at least the first one) this weekend.




Many of the states in the potential path of 99 require adjuster licensing. Below is some information to assist you in obtaining those licenses. Even though 99 will end up as a tropical storm or hurricane (or both!), there is no guarantee emergency licensing will be available. It may be wise to work on getting some of these licenses now.

Gulf States

Alabama (AL)

Type:  Property & Casualty Excluding WC

Requires completion and notarization of a “Citizen Affidavit Form”

Approximate Fee:  $106.18

Florida (FL)

Type:  Adjuster – All Lines

Requires fingerprints— Please click here for more details on satisfying this requirement

Requires self-appointment once license is received which costs an additional $62.00 approximately

Approximate Fee: $170.00

 Georgia (GA)

Type:  Adjuster – Property & Casualty

Requires completion and notarization of a “Citizen Affidavit Form”

Approximate Fee: $121.18

Louisiana (LA)

Type:  Property & Casualty

Approximate Fee: $61.18

Mississippi (MS)

Type:  Independent Adjuster

Approximate Fee: $56.18

Texas (TX)  (paper application for Resident & DHS) (Non-Resident adjuster)

Type:  Adjuster – All Lines

Approximate Fee: $50.00


Atlantic States

Georgia (GA)

Type:  Adjuster – Property & Casualty

Requires completion and notarization of a “Citizen Affidavit Form”

Approximate Fee: $121.18

North Carolina (NC)

Type:  Self-Employed Independent Adjuster or Company/Firm Adjuster

Approximate Fee: $181.18

South Carolina (SC)

Type:  Adjuster – Property & Casualty (property & auto)

Approximate Fee: $86.18

Type:  Motor Vehicle Appraiser (auto only)

Requires SC appraiser exam unless appraiser license is held elsewhere

Approximate Fee: $86.18




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