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Hurricane Patricia… Be Afraid

By October 23, 2015February 3rd, 2020No Comments

With aircraft measured surface winds of 200 mph, Hurricane Patricia has the highest recorded tropical cyclone winds on record ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET EARTH EVER! The storm is expected to hit just northwest of Manzanillo Mexico later this evening, by which point it will hopefully weaken  to 155 – 175 mph winds. Not much of a relief as that is still category 5 status…

So what can one expect from a category 5 hurricane? Well, check out this handy article from Coastal Living What does category 1,2,3… really mean?  To paraphrase “… catastrophic damage to property, humans, and animals. Complete or almost-complete destruction of mobile homes, frame homes, apartments… nearly all trees in the area will be snapped or uprooted. Power outages can last for weeks and possibly months… most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months.” [emphasis ours]

Even though this hurricane is going to hit the west coast of Mexico, parts of the U.S. will feel the effects of Patricia. Flooding rains are already falling in Texas due to a slow moving storm system combining with moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. Add the moisture and energy from a mega-storm like Patricia into that mix and the risk of flash flooding greatly increases across much of Texas and the neighboring states.






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