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NFIP Adjuster Workshops- Classroom vs. On-line Training

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The NFIP recently published a bulletin regarding available online adjuster training (W-15047, dated 10.5.15).  Among other information, the bulletin contained the following language:

“Claims Review for Adjusters (IS-1104). New and experienced adjusters seeking the necessary knowledge and skill to adjust claims for the NFIP will find Claims Review for Adjusters, formerly a 7-hour classroom presentation, essential for adjusting NFIP claims. This course defines the role, standards and necessary requirements to adjust claims within the NFIP. In addition, it offers an overview of the Standard Flood Insurance Policy through a step by step outline of the similarities and contrasts found in the Dwelling Form, General Property Form, and the Residential Condominium Building Association Policy. With a focus on providing excellent customer service, this course also identifies common errors and adjustment issues where special attention is needed to ensure a high level of quality in the claims settlement process.

Based on the language above, it was assumed by many that the online training was approved to replace the traditional classroom NFIP Adjuster Workshops, which are held from January to May 31st each year.

At this point, Eberl has confirmed that the online training is NOT taking the place of attending an adjuster workshop.  We have been told that adjusters should assume that if they wish to seek certification or recertification for 2016, they will have to attend an in-person, classroom workshop, meet all experience requirements, submit the necessary application, etc. and comply with all other requirements for certification that have been in place previously.

We realize that the flood certification process can be confusing, and with this in mind, have summarized the process as we understand it:

  • The certification period each year is from January 1st to May 31st.  Adjuster workshops are not offered after May 31st and the NFIP will not accept certification applications nor issue FCNs after that date.  The only exception to that is if FEMA approves emergency certifications.  We encourage you to NOT count on emergency certifications – there is never a guarantee that FEMA will authorize an emergency certification, even in the event of a large flood.  It is much better for you to be to be prepared in advance by completing the certification process!
  • If you have an FCN that is expiring in May 2016, you need to attend a 2016 adjuster workshop and follow-up to receive your renewed FCN via email.  If you do not receive your FCN after you attend a workshop, or if you have any questions about your FCN, you should contact the NFIP directly at
  • If you are looking to obtain an FCN, you must attend an adjuster workshop, meet all necessary experience requirements, and submit a certification application to the NFIP at  The experience requirements can be found here:  You must have your application submitted prior to May 31st or the NFIP will not accept it.  You cannot submit your application in advance – you must wait to submit it until after you have attended an adjuster workshop.
  • At this point, you will have to wait until after January 2016 to seek or renew the flood certification.


Eberl will be offering the adjuster workshop at our conference as well as a few times at our Dallas training facility.  As soon as the dates are scheduled and confirmed, we will publish the information on our training schedule on our website and notify you via email.  Otherwise, you can attend an adjuster workshop directly through the NFIP.  The dates and locations of those workshops will be available as soon as they publish their 2016 schedule.

Should any of this information change, we will notify you as soon as we become of aware of it.

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